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Thank you for taking a look at our web site.

In August 1976 we joined Shaklee. Our son Kurt had multiple chemical, food and environmental allergies. For 15 years, on a weekly basis, Kurt took allergy shots. Just before his 16th birthday he had a severe reaction to the allergy shots. We decided to look for a natural alternative to his problems.

As we prayed and asked the Lord for direction, a cousin, Mary, came to sell us a water purification system. We mentioned our son's allergy to soap and dust, as well as his many other allergies. We talked about all that we had tried nutritionally along with the shots and still had no results. She gave us our first introduction to Shaklee, a sample of Basic H. She also shared about the nutritional products that might work and explained about Shaklee's money back guarantee. We decided to order, at that time, Protein, Vita-Lea, Vita-C, Alfalfa, Basic-H and laundry powder.

By June 1977, a short 10 months later, no more skin problems! Kurt began to eat foods he had never tasted. We began to clean our home with Shaklee's non-toxic cleaners. You could say we 'Skakleeized' our home. What a great change in our family's life! Especially with Kurt's health! We are very grateful that Mary shared Shaklee with us. Personally, my husband and I have enjoyed good health for the past 34 years!

More recently, we have become excited about the project MAHMA: Moms At Home Making A Difference, and lots of money! MAHMA provides an opportunity for parents to hear how Shaklee can help them 'to have it all', and make the world a better place for their loved ones.

Our mission is sharing Shaklee with others. We feel we are making a difference and changing lives. Most importantly, we are doing what we love to do, making new friends and helping others to look better and feel better. We have also been able to share with many the wonderful business opportunity selling the health and wellness products that Shaklee affords.

Looking forward to hearing form you.
Ed and Ethel Donley